Payment Methods

Payment by credit-debit card

We accept credit-debit cards Visa, Mastercard, Diners, AMEX. Your transactions in our online store via credit-debit card are carried out exclusively with the secure transaction system of PIRAEUS Bank and the declared details of your card are not disclosed to for any reason.

Payment by deposit to a Bank Account.

You can transfer the amount owed to one of the following bank accounts:

PIRAEUS BANK IBAN: GR75 0172 0500 0050 5007 3164 414 beneficiary: SECOND HAND LUX IKE

EUROBANK IBAN      : GR15 0260 0630 0004 3020 0587 473 beneficiary: SECOND HAND LUX IKE

 Pay on delivery

The products come to your place and you pay the shipping in cash.